The Governing Criminals Will Come After All Those Not Willing to be Injected, And Will Make Living Very Difficult For All Of Us!

At some point, the governing criminals will come after all those not willing to be injected, and will make living very difficult for all of us… This could become a very dangerous country in a short amount of time for people demanding freedom.

The Worst Is Yet To Come as Death and False Flag Threats Are Planned by the State

Our whole practical government is grounded in mob psychology and the Boobus Americanus will follow any command that promises to make him safer.”

The final push toward a totalitarian state is upon us, and an all-out assault on society seems imminent. 

With most of the population still going along with these scams, still obeying every order, and still unable to muster any courage…, what are those of us that are informed and willing to defy ‘authority’ to do?

What is coming will be a combination of extreme propaganda, fear-mongering, false flag attacks, fake ‘virus’ attacks, a deadly flu season due to ‘vaccination,’ more ‘vaccine’ mandates, and power and water grid shutdowns, creating an environment to allow for full or partial martial law. 

The most shocking article can be found below.

Liberal’s hidden agenda: more than just your guns…

… the impending collapse of the US food supply system
will steal the food from your kids’ tables…

Watch this video below to find out the great secrets hidden by the government.

This will set the stage to reinstate lockdowns, quarantines, and isolation, to advance bogus ‘climate change’ agendas, and to create a regulatory climate so restrictive as to mirror that of a total dictatorial state.

First and foremost, the ‘variant’ threat will be easily advanced because many more will likely die this fall and winter… due to widespread immune system failures because of…millions of poisonous injections… 

Deaths… will still be blamed on a ‘virus’ or ‘variant’ that does not exist, and this tactic will allow the purposeful spreading of extreme fear.

This government… will then go after the children by planned injection of the toxic ‘Covid vaccine throughout the … indoctrination centers called ‘public’ schools. This will begin with children 12 and older, and… will be targeting every child down to babies and infants with this deadly concoction.

With more death and sickness, new and more severe lockdowns will be attempted… 

This plot will be enhanced due to planned cyber attacks that are ‘expected’ to shut down power and water grids across the nation. These so-called attacks will certainly be false flag terror against the masses, and could easily cause civil unrest, violence, and extreme aggression by the state in response to any dissent. 


Simulations have been greatly intensified this year.

As the year progresses, more division will occur in an us-versus-them situation, pitting ‘vaccinated’ against those unvaccinated. …

At some point, the governing criminals will come after all those not willing to be injected, and will make living very difficult for all of us…

Don’t forget about the fictitious manmade ‘climate change’ agenda, as it looks like the drive toward radical policy decisions based on climate are already in the works. 

This is very troubling, as it adds another dangerous level of tyranny to a society already consumed by dictatorial madness. It could easily be used to force more quarantines, travel bans, and allocation of utility services, that are all virtually controlled by this government and its partners.

What comes with this agenda is mass restriction of life-giving water and power, the decimation of food production and distribution, supply line shutdowns, and unstoppable runaway inflation, especially concerning the most vital needs of this citizenry. When food becomes so scarce that many are starving, total chaos will ensue.

Economically speaking, any or all of these things happening will disrupt all economic activity for the masses, but will be used by the claimed ‘elite’ ruling class to continue to steal the wealth from all of you, just as has happened over the past year and a half. 

This has been the biggest wealth transfer in history, and it is not over yet. The powerful that are destroying the lives of billions, are continuing to live like kings while claiming ownership of all money and property. The goal of course, is for you to own nothing and be happy about it.


…The more that refuse to accept this totalitarian domination, the better, as time has run out, but if a very large number of excess deaths occur this fall and winter as I expect, the wheels of tyranny will turn faster and faster in an attempt to finish this long-planned coup to capture and control the bodies and minds of humanity. 

At that point, we will have already lost, especially those living in the highest population areas such as cities.

I realize all this sounds far-fetched to most, but then most have no idea of what is coming. We are not in Kansas anymore.

Shocking news !!!

On December 6th President Trump’s words shook the world.

For the first time in over 2000 years, Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel.

Whether he knows it or not, President Trump fulfilled his part in a frightening biblical prophecy exactly as the scriptures predicted.

Only the top church leaders and Bible scholars know the real meaning behind this great and terrible moment, yet no one is saying a thing about it…

So pay chose attention because this video will change your life forever for the good!

10 thoughts on “The Governing Criminals Will Come After All Those Not Willing to be Injected, And Will Make Living Very Difficult For All Of Us!

  1. The nice thing about (them) coming for us, is WE won’t be winded and they will. It helps us be more calm, cool and collected while aiming. One Shot One Kill. My next purchase is pre-filled sandbags from Home Depot, by the pallet loads.


    1. Are you going to try to take on 30 or 40 of them by yourself, or are you going to start a neighborhood crime watch and work together?


  2. HERES THE FLY INTHE IONTMENT..THERE ARE NO MEN IN AMERICA ..ONLY THE YELLOWEST OF COWARDS,your women and children will b etaken to be SOLD AS SLAVES I OTHER COUNTRIES,and those cowards who think there MEN will be turned in by their own family,then hunted down and killed,SAVING THIS GODLESS COUNTRY IS A JOKE,your children are well trained to rat off the parents and the police are ready with ALL the military weapons any army could wish for,YOU LOSE,then the Russians and chinese will come to help take you to FEMA DEATH CAMPS and despose of the trash…AMBUSHES ARE THE ONLY HOPE YOU HAVE LEFT,and still nothing has been done to take down their HERO”S ..YOU WANT TO BE A SLAVE,,its coming…


    1. Of course you include yourself in that you are not a man/woman and as well the yellowest of cowards? You are however correct in that there is no saving this godless nation. May be that there are too many trans, and to few bullets…


  3. Calm down ya’ll. Just create the 2nd Amendment militia as REQUIRED. Approach others and demand it from your governor. IF he won’t do it recall him and put in another that will.


  4. christians apostasized. Mothers should have remained keepers at home. Fathers should have tilled the ground instead of relying on large scale pesticide farming. We get what we deserved.


  5. This operation has been in process for centuries. We’re just the lucky ones that get to experience its conclusion.
    I knew we were f**ked when I walked into a packed Costco on a Saturday and I was the only one without a face diaper.
    Between the (((controlled))) mass media and student indoctrination centers, the public has been dumbed down to the point where there is little hope that the Great Reset will ever be stopped.
    When this is combined with the rugged individualist, every man for himself philosophy that’s been drummed into those in The Land Of The No Longer Free, the chance of any reversal of this operation are slim to none.
    Wall Street’s motto, after all, is ‘You can make a killing when blood is in the streets’.
    This sums up the celebrated parasitic mentality that permeates our current dystopian economic system.
    The (((Protocols))) are all but complete…….can you here the dancing in the streets?


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