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Grand theft elections as the new abnormal and Great reset tyranny while war on humanity rages, the worst of all possible worlds. (If the 2020 race for the White House had been open, free and fair, Trump would have been easily reelected.)

Neither wing of the US war party warrants voter support — undemocratic Dems least of all. With them empowered, here’s what you get: No end to perpetual wars on invented enemies. The growing risk of US war on Russia going nuclear. Slow-motion genocide by kill shots, mandated for some segments of society. Mandatory masking with…

The Scourge of NYT Fake News

The same disturbing reality applies to all US/Western MSM — state-approved propaganda masquerading and news and information. On major world and national issues, it’s mind-manipulating propaganda rubbish. At a time when regime forces in strategically important Artyomovsk are surrounded and trapped by Russian forces — when they continue taking enormous losses — the NYT reported…

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