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Classified FEMA Report Confirms Preppers’ Worst Fears (It contains some very important information that confirms the government’s understanding of the EMP threat posed by our own sun.)

Forward thinkers are always ostracized. It has been that way throughout history. Preppers are no different. We just ought to be thankful we are not living in the time of Socrates, or else we would be lining up for the hemlock. From large scale civil unrest to the one of an EMP generated by the…

The Growing Threat Of World War III, Maybe Already Begun, Is Arguably The Existential Threat Of All Time Because The Risk Of Things Going Nuclear Is Ominously Real

Without question, these are the most perilous times in world history. The growing threat of World War III, maybe already begun, is arguably the existential threat of all time because the risk of things going nuclear is ominously real. Hegemon USA is more monster than nation state. Both wings of its neocon-infested war party share…

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