Impeaching the Fake Biden (If impeaching a nation and holding it accountable for high crimes too egregious to ignore was possible, the US would far and away top the list of offenders.)

“A number of (GOP House members prepared) impeachment articles against the” fake Biden they want introduced if Republicans regain control of the body in November midterms.

They accused him of “high crimes” on issues ranging from lack of border enforcement, all things flu/covid related and withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan a year ago in humiliating fashion.

GOP Rep. Bob Good was quoted saying:

“Congress has a duty to hold the (fake Biden) accountable for…failures of his constitutional responsibilities…”

“(A) new Republican (House) majority must be prepared to aggressively conduct oversight on day one.”

And this from TheHill:

Ahead of this year’s November midterms, “dozens of conservatives either endorsed (the fake JB’s) impeachment formally, or suggested they’re ready to support it.”

Since undemocratic Dems usurped power by election-rigging and took office in January 2021, “(a)t least 8 resolutions to impeach” him were introduced — to no avail with Dems controlling Congress and the White House.

According to GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s spokesman, Nick Dyer:

“She believes (that the White House imposter) should have been impeached as soon as he was sworn in, so of course she wants it to happen as soon as possible” if Republicans regain House control.

Reportedly, House and Senate majority leaders, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell respectively, are cool to the idea.

Impeachment of Clinton in 1998 and Trump twice gained them added public support.

No US president — legitimate or the other way around — was ever removed from office by impeachment.

According to Article I, Section 2 of the US Constitution:

House members are empowered to impeach a sitting president.

Senate members have sole removal power, a two-thirds majority required.

Article II, Section 4 states: 

“The president, vice president and all civil officers of the US shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Indisputable grounds exist to impeach and remove the selected, unelected, White House imposter from office.

Election-rigging is an indisputable high crime.

Since Dems usurped control over the three branches of government, they recklessly escalated proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia over Nazified Ukraine.

They risk going down the same road against China over Taiwan.

In cahoots with the Wall Street owned and operated Fed, they wrecked the economy by soaring inflation and disrupted supply chains.

They caused shortages of basic goods, increased poverty and food insecurity, and are heading things for likely protracted Main Street Depression conditions.

There’s no ambiguity about the fake Biden’s illegitimacy and unfitness for any public office.

Along with other high crimes and misdemeanors, the illegitimate Biden regime continues war on Afghanistan by other means in multiple ways:

In pursuit of its war OF terrorism, not on it, the regime maintains illegal control of Afghanistan’s airspace.

According to a months earlier USCENTCOM statement:

When the Pentagon “authorizes (air) strikes…in Afghanistan, (it) won’t be negotiating with the Taliban about where and when (it’ll) drop bombs (sic).”

The Biden regime illegally considers the country “a free space” for US forces to operate in at its discretion — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter.

It went further by illegally and maliciously freezing around $9 billion held at the Wall Street-controlled New York Fed.

It was done to deprive the Taliban and millions of Afghans of access to the nation’s money — what’s vitally needed to prevent mass food insecurity from turning into widespread famine conditions.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners also ordered the US-controlled loan sharks of last resort IMF and World Bank to deny financial aid to Afghanistan.

And illegally imposed US sanctions on the nation remain in place with no prospect of their removal.

During 20 years of US occupation, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies inflicted virtually every imaginable high crime against long-suffering Afghans.

The same reality applies to all nations raped and destroyed by hegemon USA throughout the post-WW II period — and earlier throughout the history of the self-styled indispensable nation.

If impeaching a nation and holding it accountable for high crimes too egregious to ignore was possible, the US would far and away top the list of offenders.

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