The Tyranny Of A Scam/Plan-demic

This is what it looks like when you finally realize … you have been seriously lied to, mislead, used and abused, and marginalized by those we were always taught and told to trust and believe. What we now present is mind shattering on so many levels that no explanation or excuse  will ever suffice … !!!

  • Why were we told the current Vaccines were developed over just a few months starting from the finding of the first cases of SARS-COV-2? Yet there are multiple mRNA Vaccine Related Patents years prior to the global breakout of COVID-19 even existed?
  • Why is there a 2014 FOIA document showing a DHS NOTICE OF PARTIAL STOP WORK ORDER related to the U of NC at Chappell Hill’s Level 4 virus lab ‘gain of function’ studies of bat coronavirus that began at least a decade before that research was made illegal in the U.S., then outsourced to Wuhan in 2015 with $3.7 million of NIH (Fauci) money:
  • How did fully vaccinated Joe-Bob get COVID … (What is a vaccine) … I will bet knowing just how dangerous these jabs really are, and given his age, that Joe-Bob was never really vaccinated. … and how, after the star treatment of Paxlovid, did he rebound and test positive again … Is this a way to semi-isolate Joe-Bob and keep him from making more blatant and damaging gaffs …
  • “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) came into prominence with the “Right to Try” law. This law was another way for patients who had been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, who had tried all approved treatment options and who were unable to participate in a clinical trial, to access certain unapproved treatments.
  • What is the difference between Standard FDA Approval and EUA … Emergency Use Authorization?
  • What is the difference between an EUA “vaccine” under President Trump and the same one under President Biden? One was available and the other became mandatory.
  • Democrats so frightened at least 81 million of their voters that when Joe Biden was elected, they and billions of others around the world raced to get jabbed with what they thought was a typical vaccine.
  • What is in the EUA “vaccine” exactly? This new technology—mRNA—had not been FDA approved after over 20 years of research?
  • But there was a catch …: we cannot ask any questions, like asking your doctor if a vaccine with 32 pages (over 1,200) of side effects is right for you.
  • The unvaccinated wanted to know what’s in the “vaccines.”
  • It is revealing that the pharmaceutical companies have been unwilling to reveal the contents of their mRNA EUA “vaccines.” They wanted to wait 75 years before telling anyone.
  • Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology said the vaccine is actually gene therapy.
  • When you have to be poked, prodded, pressured, persuaded, cajoled, guilt-tripped, shamed, lied-to, coerced, threatened, criminalized, dehumanized, and destroyed, you have a tyrant on your hands. If all of this is necessary to gain your compliance, then you can absolutely be certain that what is being promoted against your will and common sense—no voluntary informed consent allowed—is not in your best interests.
  • Why were they so hellbent in trying to get every single person on the planet “vaccinated” when Drs. Fauci and Birx knew from the beginning that the “vaccines” were deeply problematic?
  • They knew there was over twenty years of research on messenger RNA gene therapies that killed all the lab rats and test animals. Did Fauci and Birx ignore the science and hoped it would work on humans?
  • Why did the FDA suddenly proscribe and prohibit the use of proven coronavirus therapeutics and prophylaxes immediately after President Trump extolled the virtues of off-label medicines like Hydroxychloroquine (see Dr. Anthony Fauci’s 2005 paper) and before any EUA “vaccines” became available?
  • You didn’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to know something was going wrong when in a political year people were racing to “flatten the curve” but the FDA pulled medicines that had been approved for decades and in use across the globe.

… and much more, so Listen Up !!

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