The Dumbed Down Masses are the Problem (“The vast majority of people refuse to research, see or acknowledge the truth. Are they your real enemies in life?”)

“Not one person has seen me and said, ‘He’s not wearing a mask. Why am I wearing one?’” “The vast majority of people refuse to research, see or acknowledge the truth. Are they your real enemies in life?”


Do you ever feel that your struggle is less against the power-mad pedophile elites than it is against your own people? 
You know who I’m talking about. Those brain-addled, mask-wearing friends and family members of yours who refuse to see or acknowledge the truth. 
That porn-watching neighbor you exchange greetings with who responds with sarcasm when you comment on or bring up the subject of politics. 
That co-worker you sometimes attempt to educate while simultaneously remaining cautious lest they report you to Human Resources. Are they your real enemies in life?

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You follow this site and others. You spend countless hours reading, researching, and praying. You’re up to date on the state of the world and the endless chain of lies and hoaxes perpetuated on the people of every nation. 
Yet when you bring up these subjects with the people you know, they stare back at you with blank faces. Their eyes glaze over and you can almost hear their thoughts: “He’s a nutcase!” 
That family member then whispers behind your back and tells your parents, siblings and cousins you’ve lost your mind. That friend stops returning your calls and emails. That neighbor and co-worker go out of their way to avoid you. Are they your real enemies in life?

Everyone you pass is wearing a mask. Some are wearing two masks. Some are wearing two masks, a face shield and gloves. 
You pass businesses in your neighborhood. Every single one without exception has a sign at the entrance requiring you to wear a mask in order to enter. Every single one has footprints painted on the floor telling you exactly where to stand. Every single one is filled with mask-wearing idiots dutifully following instructions like obedient little pups. 
Are they your real enemy?
If others only knew as much as you, the entire virus hoax would not be happening, the stolen election would not be allowed, and life would be so much simpler and easier. 
You realize, with a dash of irony, that if others only knew as much as you, THEIR lives would be so much simpler and easier. Almost all of their complaints, their troubles, and their challenges in life would simply disappear. 
Yet they stubbornly refuse to research, see or acknowledge the truth. Indeed, they embrace every falsehood. 
Are they your real enemies in life?
I keep waiting for someone to stop me on the street and ask me why I’m not wearing a mask. 
It’s been eleven months now and I’m still waiting. I estimate I’ve passed over 16,000 mask-wearing people in that span of time (50 people a day over 330 days), not to mention countless cars driving by. 
Not one person has expressed an ounce of curiosity. Not one person has seen me and said to themselves, “He’s not wearing a mask. Why am I wearing one?” Or maybe they have, but then either fear, stupidity or both has prevented them from exploring the situation further.
Have you ever sent someone an article from this site? What was their reaction? Of all the articles you’ve sent, what is the percentage of people that responded?  Are any of them still talking to you?
Jesus said, “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded should one rise from the dead.” 
We don’t have Moses today, but we do have a virtual avalanche of information available even with the current state of censorship, de-platforming, and book banning. And still – and STILL – the vast majority of people refuse to research, see or acknowledge the truth. Are they your real enemies in life?

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12 thoughts on “The Dumbed Down Masses are the Problem (“The vast majority of people refuse to research, see or acknowledge the truth. Are they your real enemies in life?”)

  1. A very spiritual friend of mine advises that there is wide range of souls on this planet learning their lessons – or not. He further advises that at least 51% of the souls incarnated on Earth have not matured enough to be capable of critical thinking. They are looking for someone to tell them what to think and do. This is not about intelligence as they can be very successful and accomplished. Critical thinking is the norm for those who are mature enough and we often take it for granted that these others can and should be like us. IMO the long term solution for us is to stop incarnating on this planet or any other with similar issues – we really want to be on a higher level of consciousness planet.


    1. Richard, your friend is on the right track. It’s the “old soul, new soul” thing. As far as incarnating goes, you have to learn all of the lessons needed before you can move to a different plane of existence. Perhaps this is why this earth is in such turmoil. The “old soul” teachers have moved on leaving a batch of “new souls” to learn to find the way. Everything moves in waves, or cycles, or as a pendulum. An older soul will remain calm and a bit more pragmatic concerning todays environment. The newbies are going off wildly and emotionally without regard to any of the fallout or unintended results of their behavior. Logical thought processes have no place with them…yet…but it will come in time, much later. For an exercise in learning, refer to some of the ancient history. You will discover that everything repeats. It is a cycle that will go on for as long as these souls of ours exist. Stay serene and be observant. You’ll be OK.


  2. In Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and modern day China, they never knew whether the secret police came for them at 2am based on something a neighbor said, or whether it was family, or school, church, civic group, or otherwise. But keep in mind, The Bible says in the last days, there would be many false accusers and a man’s worst enemies would be those of his own household. One of the Old Testament Prophets even warned that a man should restrain his tongue even from her that Lieth in his bosom.


  3. I sit at the front desk of an essential business that never closed during covid. Never wore a mask, just like you, no one asked why. Clients that came in without masks after the jabs became available would announce to me that they got their jab as the reason they are mask free. When the “jab” is brought up, I always say to them, “I don’t do vaccines.” No one has ever asked me why.

    I think it was a relief to many of my co-workers that I refused to wear a mask as we only had a handful that complied and it was always given as an option, not forced.


  4. Yep…. nailed it. I call them the willfully ignorant. Sometimes you think they get it and then the cognitive dissonance kicks in. They wanted to believe a lie so thats what they get.


  5. While overall it is not as bad as you profess, it does give me pause though when hospitals still require masks. I was seeing my female urologist and asked her when the hospital will dump this stupid mask-wearing idiocy. She look at me and shook her head and stated she can’t get into it because it makes her so mad. From her expression, it appeared she was as mad as I was at the idiocy of hospital administrators who continue to force this, even though all the science speaks of mask-wearing lack of efficacy.

    Now they know that most if not all the new cases of COVID are from those who have been vaccinated multiple times. In other words, Hospital Administrators refuse to adhere to science and abide by ignorant politicians’ edicts even when it goes against everything they swore to uphold in that hypocritic oath they took.

    They’re so greedy they wouldn’t dare stop the goose from laying the golden eggs our government has been giving them for the cases they can call COVID, regardless of the outcome. Hospitals need to be brought up short and forced to stop this insanity.

    Politicians also need to be told to stop or else. They’re not going to like, “OR ELSE”, because it may contain bullets as they purposefully continue to force the POlice State subjugation of our population when everyone now knows it was all a farce and criminal at its worse. I have spent the last two years researching the VIRUS and the fake vaccine. As it turns out Fauci and Francis Collins and many others are responsible for this insane killing of humanity to serve the controllers. They all need to be brought up on charges of “Crimes against Humanity” !!!


  6. “the further society drifts away from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it” -George Orwell

    The way I see it, I agree with you. Our society has lost its way years ago, due to the trauma based mind control of the masses. 98% of the people that I’ve talked to over the past 20+ years, are lost souls, handed over to their lusts and fantasies. Yes, they are our enemies, as I am not of this world, and this is not my home. I long for the reunion with my Lord Jesus.


  7. Most people are lazy. The laziest of them just obey orders. So when you see a mask wearer you are seeing the most laziest ones.


  8. I send links all the time to trolls on Gettr in particular. They usually just denounce the source..(ex. Mike Lindell is a crack whore) or just say they dont’ need to and go back to the lie/talking point. But remember so much media already say “baseless election fraud allegations” to describe the views of a candidate or a state legislator who wants to decerity the fraudulent 2020 election. Like its an accepted fact. In EVERY mainstream media outlet too. When it is 100% false, this claim of it being baseless. We are in a time where the lies of media is at its greatest point ever. No wonder our pleas to get so many just to do their research falls on deaf ears or gets mocked


  9. OUR FATHER has sent out his PROPHETS AND WATCHMEN,,they have warned now FOR 120 years,TIME IS UP,all of those who work for satan know it,ITS TIME FOR THEM TO TRY TO KILL ALL OF LIFE ON EARTH,I know that goes over everyones head,BUT THEY LOVE SATAN ,and they will do as he commands them,GODS peopole will never stand up as most of them are COWARDS and they will never see the day their in heaven either,,OUR LORD WARNED THEM,NO COWARDS ARE ALLOWED IN HEAVEN,I guess they think he was kidding,HE WASN”T,OUR FATHER GAVE SATAN PERMISSION TO DOUBLE THE SIZE OF HELL,SO FEW AMERICANS WILL BE ALLOWED INTO HEAVEN..,HE says their asleep,but I say their in a self induced coma,TIME TO WAKE UP IS ALMOST OVER,and the future of america will be set in stone,,BOTH COASTS WILL BE GONE AND AMERICA WILL BE A COLONY OF RUSSIA,the ONLY christian nation left on earth,and they will be the SLAVE MASTERS of the dumbest nation in history..


  10. The major problem here is our decaying educational system from k to PHD level. Since the 1960s schools have been teaching what to think instead of How to think. The what to think people are starting to outnumber the How to think people. Along with that the what to think people are asily programed. Welcome to the 21st century as the decay continues!!!!!


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