What will happen?? (People are coming out of fear and this is accelerating as the truth about the nature and extent of the government’s lies is proving impossible to suppress.)

People are coming out of fear and this is accelerating as the truth about the nature and extent of the government’s lies is proving impossible to suppress.

The Freedom movement is now growing at an exponential rate, fueled by the emergence of that truth (see above) and as the extent of the harm that has been done to people by the government’s booby trapped pseudo vaccines becomes more and more obvious.

The Freedom movement and the resultant clued-in grass roots resistance to the new tyranny are just going to keep growing and growing and spreading like a forest fire through the populace.

Come autumn and the arrival of seasonal colds and flu, we’ll see the predicted severe reactions to these bugs by the vaccinated. The government will continue to try to blame it on other causes but the severity and frequency of illness in the vaccinated will make this obfuscation impossible.

Severe reactions to viruses by the vaccinated will be in addition to the various other health problems caused by the vaccines, which will become more numerous and widespread over time because the short term harm done by the vaccines is but one aspect of their dangers. Experts have warned about the LONG TERM effects from the outset.

Already vax casualties have reached the level one would expect from an armed conflict or Stalinist purge and are now surpassing even the government’s false figures concerning alleged Covid deaths.

Thus the government will accrue enemies at an accelerating rate and its enemies will be in large measure from these two categories:

* Those who refused the vaccines because of the clear falsehood, fakery and trickery of the pseudo pandemic itself, the clear dangers of those vaccines, the lives lost by the government’s cynical suppression of known, safe remedies and who have seen friends, loved ones, colleagues, fellow citizens AND CHILDREN targeted and harmed by a government pushing booby trapped vaccines with malice aforethought.

Those who accepted the vaccines and have now become ill or who have seen friends and loved one, colleagues, fellow citizens AND CHILDREN suffer serious illness or death. The evidence will bring home to them the reality that they were pressured, deceived, conned or forced into risking the pseudo vaccines that have now placed them in harm’s way by a government that lied to them, knew it was lying and cynically betrayed their trust.

The government, then, is in serious trouble.

All it will take to spark a revolt by a citizenry who have had their trust betrayed is for the vax deaths and injuries to rise a bit more, for people to lose loved ones or even children, for businesses, the health service, the police and so forth to be decimated by the absenteeism of vaccinated staff who are now becoming ill.

It is interesting that just as The People start to become aware of the government’s shenanigans and the first precursory ripples of revolt are felt, new crises and fears to deflect our attention are engineered, as if the entire “science” and knowhow of governance known to our psychotic elite boil down to one primitive device: use fear to steer the herd.

Yes, the government is is serious trouble and as people die in greater numbers there is only one way this can go: it is going to end badly for those globalist front men duped into being their patsies and scapegoats.

The masterminds, architects and puppet masters behind them expect to throw their minions to the wolves as they have always done and get away themselves scot-free.

Perhaps it is time now, before they live to concoct more misery for humankind, not to satisfy ourselves with merely lynching their front men, but pull the string all the way back to the puppet masters hidden behind the curtain.

One thought on “What will happen?? (People are coming out of fear and this is accelerating as the truth about the nature and extent of the government’s lies is proving impossible to suppress.)

  1. The “Government” is NOT the SOURCE of this problem. They are INFILTRATED for the past 100+ years by BRITISH NAZI Windsor/Rothschild bankers – that INSTALLED them – who control all of the printing of our money – UNCONSTITUTIONALLY. You will NEVER kill this SNAKE until you CRUSH IT’S HEAD. If you do not know WHO the head is, you will never even begin to do that. America made a very grave mistake when it did not DRAW AND QUARTER Degenerate king George, 250 years ago. This Lucifer worshiping cabal is the SOURCE OF ALL WARS for the past 150 plus years, at least. ALL WARS, strife of mankind and at least 250 Million DEAD Innocents and Powerless, lay at THEIR feet, by their Financing and Empowering of Communism and Nazism. Until you confirm this you will wallow in a bath of BS believing that Russia or China (which they OWN) are the Enemy (Enemies THEY contrive for PROFIT). This may help. God Bless.


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