Is There Hope for the Vaccinated & Unvaccinated?

I recently discovered this chiropractor on YouTube, Dr. Livingood. Yes, that’s his real name! Here he presents an unbiased, rational view of the vaccines and what do about its effects. There are many, as you know, and a growing number of sufferers and deaths.

I am particularly interested in the PCR test. I had three of them a few months ago and I believe I am suffering from an acceleration of its effects. (no vaccines) It’s been said by one, Dr. Judy Miscovits and Gene DeCode that the test contains the vaccine (so called, of course) So I am doing everything I possibly can to run the poison out of my system. It’s been quite debilitating.

I’m working on gathering the discipline to do a three day water fast which he recommends – along with bone broth and some vegetable juice. I’m also trying MMS which has been falsely labeled as dangerous because it works so well and safely for years, originally a very successful cure for malaria and now has many success stories about other ailments.

YouTube has been so suppressive that I couldn’t find any positive videos on MMS as I used to years ago. You can buy it on Amazon but don’t be discouraged that it only says it’s for water purification. Legally, they cannot say you can drink it. Someday we will regain our First Amendment and all the others in our brilliant Constitution.

Let me emphasize that MMS does not cure. It simply allows the body to cure itself – the only true way to heal and as Hippocrates says: “Let food be my medicine and medicine be thy food”. I concentrate heavily on my plant-based diet. And I drink lots of water!

I highly recommend this seller of MMS and many other health products Reiki Ranch Store – Alternative Health I mistakenly called at 6 AM (9 where I live) He mentioned the time but graciously answered my questions with no complaints. The next day I called at a decent hour with another question and spoke to his sweet wife; she talked to me for a long while. This is literally a mom and pop shop. I wanted to call back just to talk to them. Aren’t we starving for this kind of communication? Along with hugs?

I’m also waiting to receive Nano Soma which is purported to rid the body of the vaccines. We’ll see. If you’re interested, I’ll let you know. They’re on back order so I don’t know when I will get it. Here’s the video on it and link to buy it:

There is always an answer to any problem or disaster. I keep searching with my mind and heart bent on high survival, not just food, water and shelter. It may seem at this moment in time that this is all we can have but we need to keep our eyes on the highest mountain, the one where you place your firm decision to be super happy, healthy and free for yourself, your friends and family and the world.

Personally, I imagine Trump’s smiling face back in the White House, all the criminals arrested and the world flourishing. Maybe you call it a pipe dream but that phrase is often a misnomer for true creativity. And it sure calms me down, gives me a future.

It’s time folks, it really is. Don’t waste the limited time we have left to rid this planet of the poisons of the cabal and all their minions. The vaccines are quite possibly the worst threat to our lives and the entire planet. But even more important is to keep your mindset above water. The only things to come into being are those you decide will be so. That’s the jumping off point.

As many have said, we are powerful spiritual beings. We just need to know that we are and BE THAT. Take advantage of some quiet, still moments and discover who and what you are and what you’re made of – tough stuff.

Love and strength to all the true patriots in this world.

One thought on “Is There Hope for the Vaccinated & Unvaccinated?

  1. Some homeopaths have selected some remedies that might help namely bothrops which is made from the yellow vipers toxin
    Hope you get better


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