Humanity agrees to be sterilized in exchange for a truce from Communists (i.e. Satanists)

Humanity agrees
to be sterilized
in exchange
for a truce from
 (i.e. Satanists)

I have a solution to mankind’s problems that should satisfy everyone.
Humanity volunteers to be sterilized in exchange for the satanist Jewish bankers and Freemasons (Communists) ending their war against God and man.

This means that within a short century, the planet will be rid of useless eaters and become a playground for the Satanists/Communists and their preferred number.

white-flag.jpg(left, humanity agrees to go peacefully)

What does mankind get out of this?

1. Satanists/Communists call off their covid hoax, disfiguring masks, vax passport-apartheid and climate change bullshit.
They allow a semblance of sanity to return to this forlorn planet. We avoid violent “Dark Winter” dystopia and enjoy relative peace and freedom.

2. We will not be force-vaccinated, writhe in pain and die a premature death.
3. The toxic psychological war against gender, race, religion and nation will be suspended. We will retain some vestige of human dignity during our twilight years on the planet.

4. A reasonable number may be spared sterilization in order to provide a pool of servants, human sacrifices, organ donors and sex slaves for the Chosen Few.

5.  Mankind is spared a gratuitous, catastrophic nuclear war designed to reduce population. 

What do Satanists/Communists get out of this?

1. They will not have to listen to useless eaters whine and winge on the Internet as our miserable fate slowly dawns upon us.

2. They will not have to deal with a Warsaw Ghetto-like uprising as humanity finally realizes it has nothing to lose from violent resistance.

3. Satanists inherit the planet, its resources and everyone’s property.  They can start planning their paradise and not worry about imposing their farcical “Great Reset” on recalcitrant masses.

Possible Objections from Humanity

1. Quota for slave caste may not be large enough.

girl-gays.png2. Democratic reform is still possible. Just because they pander to Israel, patriot leaders are not controlled opposition. The Commies wouldn’t rig future elections, would they?

I can’t think of any other objections. Sterilization should not be an issue. People obviously no longer care about children or the world they will inherit.  Can you think of any other objections? (

Possible Objections from Satanists/Communists

1. One hundred years is too long to wait for all newborns to die naturally.
2. As satanists, we are not satisfied with eradicating the human race. We serve Satan and delight in making people suffer.
3. We have already sterilized (“vaccinated”) nearly half of you useless eaters. We don’t need this deal.
4.You won’t keep your bargain and will use the truce to regain your strength and plan your resistance.
5.  Vaccine company stocks will crash.
6. It’s too sane and civilized. We believe in Order Out of Chaos. Where’s the chaos? Satan will give it a thumb’s down.

Reposte from Humanity

That’s why it’s a compromise. In a successful negotiation, no one is completely satisfied.

You won’t be able to vaccinate us all or escape our collective wrath.

A Joint Commission could enforce the “Human Depopulation Agreement.”

Sterilization is no different from vaccination. It’s an easy sell; another way for people to virtue signal.


People today are obviously too selfish, venal, cowardly and feeble-minded to unite and defend themselves.

They can’t even figure out what is really going on. They will embrace this peaceful, easy compromise.

Their acquiescence to the government debt binge proves they’re happy to throw future generations under the bus. Sterilization is made for them.

call-me.jpg(Jacob Rothschild, Call me!)

I don’t want a Nobel Prize.

I just want to live out my remaining years in freedom, peace and dignity.

This is satire but it’s scary how much sense it makes. 

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