Tyranny & Treason – Is It Time For An ‘American Reset’: A Treasonous Congress Berified And Validated The Election Of Joe Biden to The Office Of President Of The United States On January 6th 2021 Knowing Full Well It Was A Fraud (The Proof Was Sitting In Boxes Right In Front Of Them), And Against The Wishes Of Over Half Of This Country.

ERADICATING PROGRAMMED IGNORANCE – TOWN CRIER: Tyranny & Treason – Is It Time For An ‘American Reset’


Lets all stop for a minute and look around us … at what there ‘actually’ is to see.

A treasonous Congress verified and validated the election of Joe Biden to the office of President of the united states on January 6th 2021 knowing full well it was a fraud (the proof was sitting in boxes right in front of them), and against the wishes of over half of this country.

We are constantly being told by the MSM puppets that there is no verifiable proof that any of this so called election was tainted in any way, shape, or form … Yet when the congressman stood up to contest the Electors from Arizona, he clearly pointed to the stack of evidence right next to him (and he was not the only one) and available to anyone wishing to look … no one did!

The fact is … the proof is VERY REAL and is both abundant and available including (but not limited to) thousands upon thousands of sworn affidavits (under penalty of perjury) stating that election fraud not only took place … but they witnessed it, some actually took part in it, and it was both well coordinated and abundant … Yet they are all being called LIARS by their very servants (elected and court officials). We know the courts have avoided it (both local and federal including SCOTUS), and we know the state legislators and administrations have made it almost impossible to move forward is several key states … even after legal action is initiated.

Now let’s consider the following:

What do you call it when a sitting President is robbed of his valid re-election (which he won in a virtual landslide) by pre-planned and nationally coordinated actions … a Coup


What do you call those who knowingly and intentionally participated (especially in the six contested swing states) in these actions against a sitting president and We The People, from the local precinct worker to the SCOTUS … Traitors

If this was being observed in any other country (especially a third world dictatorship) these two terms would be repeated by the Corporate Media thousands of time a day … but as it is happening in America … and they are complicit … Crickets … chirp, chirp, chirp …

Now let’s discuss the supposed coup attempt by the President trump supporters via their ultra violent and destructive raid (bull crap) on the capital building on January 6th, immediately after listening to President Trumps speech … which did NOT promote violence in any fashion!

Let me start this off by saying that I had stated (on 2 live radio broadcasts) prior to this altercation, that the Trump Rally would be the perfect catalyst for a false flag event. This would be used to demonize (even more) the Trump supporters and possibly even play a roll in the state electors verification (as it ultimately did).

Now please consider that for almost a year progressives and their henchmen (Antifa, BLM, etc…) have been rioting (peaceful protests) in major cities across the country. During this time BILLIONS of $$$ in property was intentionally destroyed, businesses destroyed, people physically attacked, and access was denied to local citizens. Yet how many of these violent (Bused in and PAID) rioters are in prison today … ??? 

I could continue with this narrative for a very long time without ever repeating myself once, yet once again we see tyranny unfolding right before our eyes. To state that the Trump supporters were ultra violent rioters hell bent on staging a coup against the US government on January 6th at the US Capitol building … just might be overstating the issue by a factor of about one billion !!!

This is the event that caused the Supposed Senators and Congressmen to chicken out (excuse provided) from challenging the ballots from the remaining disputed states … an event that (by coincidence) had just started when the Capital was breached by supposedly violent Trump supporters.

What I am about to present now is not going to be extremely popular with many of you because of its presenter. Please, for the good of this country, take the time to watch the entire video regardless of that fact, because it explains in detail what transpired on January 6th with respect to the Trump Supporters actions …

THIS IS A MUST SEE (this video probably wont last long):

Please understand that like Giuliani, I too see much more surfacing in the next few days, enough to classify this as an actual false flag even and NOT an attempted coup as the seditious (puppet) MSM would have you believe. But it has accomplished it’s intent … the certification of Joe Biden …

… and Treason visibly reigns once again for all to see in America!

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