NewsBlog The Police and Military when SHTF – Friend or Armed Foe? Any police or military forces which were still in operation, would be there as part of whatever government managed to survive!

Preparing to survive in a post-SHTF world is challenging. More than anything, we have to realize that we’re preparing blind. We don’t know what sort of disaster we’re facing or what the post-disaster world is going to look like. With those two pieces of information missing, it’s hard to know exactly how people will react and what they will do. Therefore, we must prepare for the worst.

There is a wide-ranging assumption that public servants will abandon their posts. I would have to say that this assumption is totally unfair. We live in a hurricane zone and my wife is a city employee. She and her co-workers are required to agree that they will stay on the job, protecting the citizens of the city and keeping city services running, both during and after a hurricane. While a few might abandon their posts if things get bad enough, most seem to be people who will follow through on that requirement.

But what about a worst-case scenario? What about in the wake of an EMP or other grid-destroying event, which would result in a true breakdown of society and the banking system; a situation where they would no longer be paid to do their jobs?

That’s a difficult question. For some, like my wife, their positions probably wouldn’t exist anymore. But the real issue here is emergency workers and law enforcement officers. We would greatly need their services in the wake of such a serious disaster. Would they stay on the job or would they feel they had to abandon their posts to care for their families?

There’s really no way of knowing the answer to that question until the time comes. It is a very individual question, so I imagine that some will stay, while others leave. Whether they stay or leave will largely determine whether they are friend or foe.

You might be living in one of America’s deathzones and not have a clue about it
What if that were you? What would YOU do?

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you the U.S. Nuclear Target map, where you’ll find out if you’re living in one of America’s Deathzones.

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The Cops Who Stay on the Job

Police officers tend to be highly disciplined individuals, much like soldiers. In fact, many start out as soldiers, then move to law enforcement when they get out of the military. As such, they are largely people with a high regard for the law. Oh, there are the few bad apples; but despite stories saying otherwise, there aren’t many of them.

Those who stay on the job will be concerned with maintaining law and order in the worst of circumstances. They will also be subject to the politicians who are still in place over them. This means that if those politicians declare martial law, they will most likely enforce martial law, unless they believe that to be an unlawful order.

This could get sticky. As we saw during Hurricane Katrina, declaring martial law would probably mean they would be confiscating guns as well. That would put the police in the position of appearing to be the enemy in the eyes of any Second Amendment supporter. Whether or not they actually became an enemy would depend on how you, I and other gun owners would react to them. If we use force to reject their orders to turn over our guns, they will use force in response. That makes them our de-facto enemies.

The Cops Who Abandon their Posts

Some police officers may choose to abandon their posts, especially if they feel that their families are in danger. In that case, the question is what they will do to protect and care for their families. While there are very few bad cops out there, there is always the possibility that a cop will turn bad in such circumstances, out of desperation to take care of their families.

These people will be dangerous, because they will be able to present themselves to the public as law-enforcement officers, when in fact they are acting like criminals. There could even be some cases in smaller communities, where the police take over, much as warlords take over in times of anarchy. Should that happen, the police in question would be extremely dangerous.

It would be our duty, in such a case, to stand up against the police. But here’s the problem. How do you tell if what they are doing is in the public interest, or just in self-interest? If they are acting in the public interest, our duty is to support them, so we need to be sure they are the enemy, before treating them as such.

The National Guard

If military forces are called out to help gain control, it will be the National Guard, not the active military. US law prohibits the use of US military forces within the borders of the United States. Even if politicians in high places wanted to use the regular Army, it is doubtful that Army officers, all of whom know that prohibition in the law, would allow it.

But state Governors can call out the National Guard to help law enforcement in maintaining law and order. It’s not unusual for this to happen in the case of natural disasters. I would say that we should expect it to happen in a true SHTF scenario.

National Guard forces are US Army reserve soldiers and formations, which are “owned” by the governors of the several states. They serve a dual role, both as state owned military forces and reserves for the federal forces. If called out in a disaster situation, they could serve either to support law-enforcement or to provide disaster relief. In either case, they would be armed.

The Police and Military when SHTF – Friend or Armed Foe 2

Should martial law be declared, it is highly likely that the National Guard would be called out. If guns are confiscated, they are the ones who would most likely do the confiscation. They would probably be as polite as possible about it; but if they decided to obey that order, they would do their best to fulfill it.

However, the National Guard, like other military forces, is made up of predominantly conservatives. There’s a very good chance that they would refuse an order to disarm the population. Military officers swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and they would likely see the disarm order as a clear violation of the Second Amendment. As such, it would be their duty to refuse that order.

UN Troops

Of all these options, UN troops is the most dangerous. Any decision to use UN troops would have to be made at the federal government level. Were such a decision to be made, the troops which would be brought in to help maintain civil order would not be American troops. They would be unfamiliar with our culture (other than what they had seen in movies) and unfamiliar with our laws.

To these troops, a firearm confiscation order would seem perfectly reasonable, especially when you consider that they would probably come from a country where they don’t enjoy our Second Amendment protections. There would be no appeal to them on the grounds of our Constitution.

Should this happen, refusing an order to turn over your guns would be dangerous. The only thing that would protect any of us is the fact that there is no federal gun registration. Even so, there are states which require a permit to own guns, as well as concealed carry licenses which many of us have. That would give them a starting point for where to look.

Getting into a battle with armed troops is foolish. In such a situation, the only practical recourse is to hide all your guns where they won’t be able to find them, with the exception of a few, which you could then allow them to confiscate, making them think you’ve obeyed the order.

Regardless of the specific situation we would end up encountering, chances are that any police or military forces which were still in operation, would be there as part of whatever government managed to survive. Unless such forces decide to go rogue, we can count on them being there to help.

That doesn’t mean they’ll be our friends though. Unless you know them personally, they will look on you with suspicion, just like they will everyone else. Anyone carrying a weapon openly will be suspect. That doesn’t mean that they’ll hassle you, take away your weapons, fire upon you or arrest you; it just means that they will be watching to make sure that you aren’t a problem that they need to deal with.

The best thing you and I will be able to do in such a situation is to keep ourselves below the radar, so that we aren’t noticed. If we are not noticed, hopefully we will be left alone.

Should orders go out to confiscate any supplies that are stockpiled, it would probably be a good time to put our bug out plans into effect. Hopefully, we’ll all have a cache of supplies elsewhere, so that when we lose the supplies that we have stockpiled at home, we’ll still be okay.

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8 thoughts on “NewsBlog The Police and Military when SHTF – Friend or Armed Foe? Any police or military forces which were still in operation, would be there as part of whatever government managed to survive!

  1. Not many Bad Cops you say ? There are literally thousands of bad cops and they give all the rest a bad name. You sound like a cop yourself, who is soft peddling their bad actions. In a SHTF scenario we’ll take care of our selves.
    Do you actually think there are enough cops to go around in a real SHTF scenario when people are going nuts? Cops will certainly be at a disadvantage and staying on the job will more than likely be the cause their death. If this comes about, what we need are organizers not cops who go to their guns first rather than use their powers of persuasion.


    1. Agreed about the numbers of bad cops. If anything, you have understated the problem. Since our politicians and police refuse to prosecute dirty cops, as far as I’m concerned — they are all dirty. Our founding fathers would be stomping on these criminals.

      Besides ….. our police today are largely paramilitaries — which is just a short way to say “3rd world crap-for-brains screwups”.


  2. “ very few bad cops out there “… are you serious ?
    Cops are human beings and the Word of God says “ no man is good, no not one “, and you say “ there are very few bad… “… who are we to believe then God or a mere man ?
    Cops have proved beyond any shadow of a doubt what they serve, MAMMON, their paychecks and pensions. Repeatedly EVEB examples as of this morning on VIDEO of cops escorting three busses of Anti-fa into DC and other videos showing the very same type of behavior across this Nation are out there… it’s not only in the corrupt Commie held Metroplexes either… they serve their pensions EVERYWHERE and if ordered to shoot Patriots you’d better shoot them FIRST or your family will be in mourning. This is not an endorsement of doing so, this is merely a clear unequivocally stated truth in fact…. I myself shall not participate in any such activities as I illustrate herein, I merely speak plain truth.

    The problem has never been about “ bad cops “, the problem is bad laws and the bad politicians who order the cops to enforce bad laws …. if you don’t want bad cops kicking in your door at three am then you go kick in the doors of those bad politicians at 3am before they suck their thugs on you.


  3. “Getting into a battle with armed troops is foolish. In such a situation, the only practical recourse is to hide all your guns where they won’t be able to find them, with the exception of a few, which you could then allow them to confiscate, making them think you’ve obeyed the order.”

    The Coward’s refrain, once again. When it gets to the point that they are taking your guns, submission in any form just to buy a little more time on this mortal coil at the expense of plunging deeper into life as a slave, is nothing but shameful cowardice. Anything short of violent resistance to such unlawful incursions on your rights is a death sentence on your children, your grandchildren, and their children, who will live under a communist regime, if they live at all.


  4. I think you said it well – the constitution is the law of the land and does not provide for “martial” law or the suspension of our constitution. so anyone supporting such foolishness is not working in the people’s best interest and engagement may be necessary – to the death even. this is no time to be afraid – we have the upper hand and we can prevail but we must engage and not hide. a lot of people died so we could have a free country so we should not expect that all who support and defend it will come out rosy on the other side, but try we must to defend it to the last weapon and skirmish.


  5. you people haven’t figured it out yet?
    this is a controlled opposition blog to find out who my actually be true patriots.
    the ‘writer’ is very likely a shill cop for the liberals.
    i check this ‘blog’ ever so often and it is always the same ‘conservative’ liberal bs.


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