MUST READ: Timeline Of Events Following A Long Term Grid Down Catastrophe: When the Grid Goes Down, You Better Be Ready – 9 Out Of 10 Americans Would Be Dead From Starvation, Disease And Violence

People may have basic emergency plans for a short term power outage. Usually these things are fixed fairly quickly, thanks to electric utility company lineman working the affected region. However, “what if” the entire power grid went down here in America? A catastrophic long term grid down. Surely that would never happen, right? “Come on man!” No way…

What if one of several potentially possible events actually brought the grid down all across the country? Without debating the aspects of causation, I wonder what might be the cascading timeline of resulting events following a long term grid down disaster? I would like to present an opinion about what might happen versus hours, days, weeks, etc.. afterwards.

Most of those who are preparedness-minded know and realize that they cannot count on government to ‘save them’ in the thick of a major and overwhelming disaster such as the aforementioned hypothetical long term grid down situation. Unfortunately the vast majority of people presume that there is a plan. And that regardless of the disaster, their government will step in and ‘provide’ for them. It will save them, so to speak. It will all ‘get fixed’. In the terrifying event of a long term grid down, this assumption will prove to be deadly.

Lets look at a potential timeline of events when the lights go out in America…


The cities would be the hardest hit.

  • Thousands trapped in elevators
  • ALL electrical appliances shut down… refrigerators, heating, A/C
  • ATM machines are inoperative
  • Banks and other businesses shut down
  • Gas stations without generators cannot pump fuel
  • For most, profound darkness


Some people are beginning to realize that this is very widespread, and could become a long term grid down situation.

  • Water faucets begin to run dry in some areas without utility generators
  • Toilets will no longer flush without water pressure
  • Law enforcement and responders overwhelmed by emergencies
  • Outbreaks of looting in the ‘usual places’
  • Batteries on laptops, cell phones, and flashlights are dying
  • Those with generators are using up their fuel
  • Massive ‘grid lock’ in the city regions, Some vehicles run out of gas and are abandoned
  • Conflicting descriptions of power outage, unknown expected duration, but looking more like long term
  • Officials disagree regarding recommended actions


  • Gas stations running out of fuel (those that could pump)
  • Water is at a premium
  • Some emergency generators assist in pumping water and sewage (limited)
  • Many ‘unprepared’ are running out of food already
  • Majority are beginning to panic, as reality sets in of this being a widespread long term grid down event
  • Drug stores and grocery stores being stripped in some regions
  • The “Oh $hit” moment of terrifying realization…


  • Any .gov emergency rations are depleted
  • Hospital generator systems are running out of fuel, Renewed fuel delivery isn’t looking good
  • Some of the elderly and infirm are dying
  • Hospitals overwhelmed and struggling to perform emergency services
  • Martial Law is declared by the government, though most don’t get the message
  • Military attempts to maintain a veneer of order, but not enough personnel
  • Looting has become rampant, Desperate people join in
  • Millions upon millions are ‘on their own’


  • People have become deeply frightened and fear for their lives, now knowing that this is going to be a long term grid down catastrophe
  • Most are now entirely running out of food to eat
  • Many are dying in regions without access to water and the inability to get somewhere else
  • Many are dying in regions /climates where there is no heat (if during winter)
  • Disease sets in (e.g. typhoid fever, cholera) from eating tainted food, water, poor sanitation


  • Many drug dependent patients are dying or are dead
  • The millions with severe psychotic disorders (no more meds) create bedlam
  • People and communities fighting over resources
  • Home invasions and violence related die-offs
  • Escaped prisoners, organized gangs, more violence related die-off
  • Communities are slowly starving


90% are dead

The timeline of events following a long term grid down will vary based on population density, cities, suburbia, rural, season, and geographical circumstances. However it’s an interesting mental exercise to come up with a ‘best guess’. The process may help motivate more preparedness

What’s your input? Would you add to the above or shift things around a bit?

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