The food crisis will be the biggest crisis of the 21st century! (It will push up food prices and spread hunger and poverty.)

The food crisis will be the biggest crisis of the 21st century. It will push up food prices and spread hunger and poverty. Surging food prices will create inflation and create more crisis in the world. This will not only affect developing countries but also developed countries. According to United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), more than 73 million people in 78 countries who depend on food handouts are facing reduced rations this year.

High prices have caused food protests around the world like Mexico, India, Senegal, London, Mauritania and other parts of Africa. India, Mexico, Haiti, Philippines, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Yemen have seen food riots this year protesting the food crisis. Hardest hit of this crisis will likely be African countries, where many of the world’s poorest nations are here. A lack of food as the primary needs of humans will cause riots, suicide and millions of people could die from it.

Nearly every region of the world is experiencing drastic inflation caused by food this year. Retail prices are up 18% in China, 17% in Sri Lanka and 10% or more throughout Latin America and Russia.

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In 3 May 2008, a cyclone devastated Myanmar’s low-lying Irrawaddy delta region leaving more than 1 million people homeless, according to the UN. An estimated 80,000 people died in the delta’s Labutta district alone. Myanmar had been expected to export 600,000 tons of rice this year, including to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. The cyclone flooded 5,000 square kilometers (1,930 square miles) of farmland. Cyclone Nargis struck the country’s main rice-growing area, worsening a food crisis that’s triggered unrest from Haiti to Egypt.

Why does it happen

Rocketing oil prices, global warming, biofuels, and the world population explosion are the cause of this food crisis. The primary driver is the soaring cost of oil, which reached $123 a barrel for the first time. Oil cost will make transportation more expensive, thus making food more expensive too. The price of oil has sent the cost of food imports skyrocketing this year.

The World Bank predicts global demand for food will double by 2030. This is partly because the world’s population is expected to grow by three billion by 2050. Food demand will also grow due to new prosperity in India and China.

Global warming will disrupt food production in many countries. It can cause climate instability which is bad for crop.

Food price are affected by accelerating demand for biofuels. Biofuels, made from food crops such as corn, sugar cane, and palm oil, are seen as easing the world’s dependence on gasoline. But when crude oil is expensive, these alternative energy sources can also be sold at higher price. Last year a quarter of the US maize crop was turned into ethanol to fuel vehicles. US supplies more than 60% of the world’s maize exports. According to the World Bank, this is putting pressure on countries’ food supplies.

The worldwide food reserves are at their lowest in 35 years. Demand is growing much more than supply.

How to solve

For short term, massive government and international agency aid is needed especially from rich nations. For long term, there should be incentives to increase food production. Relative price fluctuations are an unavoidable part of an efficient economy. This becomes worrying when some people are so poor that a small rise in price becomes a life and death question for them.

The two primary driver for the crisis is oil price and global warming. Oil price hike is mainly caused by geopolitical risk, not supply and demand. Political conditions affect oil production in Iraq, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Iran. Iraq is still struggling to recover from decades of war. Nigerian production is affected by attacks and sabotage. Venezuelan oil production has never fully recovered since December 2002, when political strife brought Venezuelan production to a halt. The key is to bring peace on those country.

Global warming has caused climate instability, which can destroy crop fields. Nowadays, there has been a lot of talking about global warming. Each day, more and more people realized that global warming is endangering the world. For short term, he hope that researchers can improve farming technique to address worldwide hunger. Researchers around the world like the International Rice Research Institute in Philippines are studying how to improve crop which more pest and weed resistant, more nutrient rich and high yielding.


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22 thoughts on “The food crisis will be the biggest crisis of the 21st century! (It will push up food prices and spread hunger and poverty.)

  1. There isn’t a real food crisis–it’s our government creating a crisis in order to control us. Remember the nearly 100 food processing plants “catching fire” with no explanation? Remember the so-called fertilizer “shortage?” Soros owns 1/3 of the railroad freight companies west of the Mississippi River–and refused to allow fertilizer and grain shipments on them. THIS is why there’s a “food shortage”–because your government WANTS one!


    1. agreed and I saw the “global warming” diatribe too; pretty much skipped the rest of the nonsense. By the way, to the feminist below on another “women rights” testament, birth control is not really the problem in third world countries like Iran. Women are raped routinely in custody of not wearing hijabs and thrown in jail to be used as sex slaves. How about you look at the geopolitical spectrum of why 1st world countries like the US, support genocidal Islamic Republic regimes like Iran, shut down their own oil/gas pipelines and then give support to psychopaths in that region who commit human atrocities which lead to food shortages. The issue has very strong GLOBALIST ties that has artificially caused this food crisis, driven by out of control inflation. But let’s focus on trans-rights, that’s pivotal in our survival.


    2. There isn’t any global warming, either. The Earth has cooled for seven years straight.
      A very disappointing article throughout.


  2. What a moron. Global warming is made up. Man made co2 is not making the planet unstable. Government is not the solution.


  3. In many countries people breed like rats, too many mouths to feed and undernourished children later on have health issues. Birth control is simple technology, but IQ’s are super low in many countries and like animals cannot grasp it.


    1. Birth control is often not available in third world countries and sometimes religious authorities prevent using it. Women in some countries are used in sex trafficking, which is even happening here in the US. This is not because of low IQ. These women do what they have to do to survive and care for the children they already have.


      1. Women in Muslim countries especially enjoy being chattel/enslaved. Most don’t attend school and never learn anything except to keep breeding.


      2. Don’t need birth control. What you need is this:

        “A study that was conducted by professor Charles Waehler at the University of Akron in Ohio on non-married heterosexual males deduced that once non-married men hit middle age, they will be less likely to marry and remain unattached later into their lives.[15] The study concluded that there is only a 1-in-6 chance that men older than 40 will leave the single life, and that after the age 45, the odds fall to 1-in-20′


  4. Too bad “global warming” is just a phrase referring to the junk science that the Regressives made up to scare the gullible wanna be environmentalists, and brainwash college kids that apparently have the collective intelligence of a blob of play doh.
    There is a food crisis on the horizon, as well as financial. However, it has all been contrived and executed by some extremely diabolical, filthy stinking rich people who have no clue what it’s like to scrape by and work your a$$ off every day to feed your kids and keep a home.
    Make no mistake, the enemies of America (and elsewhere) are going full bore to bring us down.
    In actuality, I question this article, it doesn’t pass the integrity test.
    Live free or die.


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